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Located deep within a vast agricultural and forest region, the INRA  Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux Centre (France) conducts innovative and targeted plant science, ecological and environmental research in response to current challenges in the agricultural, forestry and aquaculture sectors.


We mobilise a wide range of scientific expertise in environmental physics and chemistry, plant physiology and pathology, agronomy, genetics and ecology for our research projects to addresses four major challenges of regional importance:

1. Strengthen competitiveness and sustainability in the agricultural fruit, forestry and animal production industries.

2. Promote ecological management of agrosystems and cultivated forests.

3. Contribute to a healthy and sustainable diet.

3. Make effective use of plant biomass.

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2016 was an intense year for INRA. It was marked by the celebration of its 70th anniversary, a record number of scientific publications and co-publications with our partners throughout the world, the arrival of a new president and a focus on 2025, with the adoption of a 10-year strategic plan.