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Cover of Land Plants - Trees. © Elsevier / Alain Girard - INRA

Publication of the book "Land Plants - Trees"

Coordinated by Christophe Plomion and Anne-Françoise Adam-Blondon, the book Land Plants - Trees, published in June 2015, presents scientific viewpoints and methods in tree genomics.

Updated on 08/19/2015
Published on 07/06/2015
Keywords: GENOME - genomics - tree

Christophe Plomion (UMR BIOGECO - INRA Bordeaux/Université de Bordeaux) and Anne-Françoise Adam-Blondon (INRA Versailles-Grignon - URGI) have edited one of the volumes of the series "Advances in Botanical Research", Elsevier, entitled Land Plants - Trees. It includes 8 chapters written by 27 authors providing insight into the use of genomic tools and methods on the structure, functioning and evolution of tree genomes.


  1. Whole Genome Sequencing of Fruit Tree Species David Chagné
  2. Forest Tree Genomics: Review of Progress Geneviève J. Parent, Elie Raherison, Juliana Sena and John J. MacKay
  3. Acceleration of Forest and Fruit Tree Domestication by Genomic Selection Fikret Isik, Satish Kumar, Pedro J. Martínez-García, Hiroyoshi Iwata and Toshiya Yamamoto
  4. Population and Conservation Genomics in Forest and Fruit Trees Filippos A. Aravanopoulos, Ioannis Ganopoulos and Athanasios Tsaftaris
  5. Genetics and Genomics of Tree Architecture Evelyne Costes and Jean-Marc Gion
  6. The Genetic Control of Bud-Break in Trees Albert G. Abbott, Tatyana Zhebentyayeva, Abdelali Barakat and Zongrang Liu
  7. Tree Responses to Environmental Cues Ingo Ensminger, Christine Yao-Yun Chang and Katharina Bräutigam
  8. Molecular Signatures of Adaptation and Selection in Forest Trees Juan P. Jaramillo-Correa, Julien Prunier, Alejandra Vázquez-Lobo, Stephen R. Keller and Alejandra Moreno-Letelier
Associated Centre(s):
Versailles-Grignon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux


Plomion C., Adam-Blondon A. F. (eds), 2015, Land Plants - Trees, Advances in Botanical Research Series, Elsevier, 368p.